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WALL Quests are simple to do tasks, set by a project, which community members complete, to earn a reward.

Quests are a great way for projects to:

(a) Get visibility for project and layout product journey

(b) Get community members to take actions on the most desired items

(c) Build on-chain proof for contribution by community members for retroactive value distribution

Every WALL Quest has 3 key steps:

  1. Tasks to be performed
  2. Who are Eligible to do the task
  3. What is the Reward

Quest Details


Tasks are specific things you want the member to do

Ex: Follow twitter, RT, Buy NFT etc.



You can keep the quests (a) Open to all

(b) Attemptable only by a specific persona

(c) Double reward to a specific persona

You can select from personas from existing ones or create a new one.

Here’s the parameters on which you can create personas 👇

Frame 4125.png